ERC20/BEP20 Standard Token Smart Contract



Create an initial amount of tokens for the deployer.

Contract Options

Privileged accounts will be able to create more supply.
Token holders will be able to destroy their tokens.
Privileged accounts will be able to pause the functionality marked as whenNotPaused. Useful for emergency response.
Without paying gas, token holders will be able to allow third parties to transfer from their account.
Keeps track of historical balances for voting in on-chain governance, with a way to delegate one's voting power to a trusted account.
Built-in flash loans. Lend tokens without requiring collateral as long as they're returned in the same transaction.
Privileged accounts will be able to store snapshots of balances that can be retrieved later.
Smart contracts are immutable by default unless deployed behind an upgradeable proxy.
Resulting Consensus security report of the contract.
Product price: $299.00
Total options:
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Standard Tradeable Cryptocurrency Smart Contract for Cryptocurrency Token

  • ERC-20 compliant
  • Balance
  • Transfer
  • Approve
  • Burn
  • Mint
  • Pause 
  • BSC, ETH, ETH Classic, Polygon, Fantom, or Avalanche


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