ERC20/BEP20 Dividened Rewards Token



Create an initial amount of tokens for the deployer.

Contract Options

Privileged accounts will be able to create more supply.
Token holders will be able to destroy their tokens.
Privileged accounts will be able to pause the functionality marked as whenNotPaused. Useful for emergency response.
Accounts can also be blacklisted if they act malicius. Depending on the use case, it may be better for some tokens to have this feature turned off. Similar to the pausing feature, enabling blacklists causes central authority, which may not suit certain use cases.
Resulting Consensus security report of the contract.

Deployment Options

Tax Wallet Settings

Minimum dividend holding number of tokens, must be an integer. Users who hold a minimum above the set number of tokens will receive dividends

Buy Tax

Sell Tax

Automated LP will be created at the following swaps:

  • Ethereum / UNISWAPV2
  • Binance Smart Chain / PancakeswapV2
  • Polygon (MATIC) / Quickswap
  • Avalanche / Quickswap
  • Fantom / Quickswap

Product price: $499.00
Total options:
Order total:


Deflationary Tradeable Cryptocurrency Smart Contract  for Cryptocurrency Token with Dividend Reward

  • Balance
  • Transfer
  • Approval
  • Burn % Option
  • Redistribution % Option
  • Automated LP % Option
  • Development / Project % Option
  • Dividend Reward %*
  • BSC, ETH, ETH Classic, Polygon, Fantom, or Avalanche


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