NFTs are more than just Art.

ORE System’s Blockchain NFT Custom Marketplaces extend the NFT well past normal expectations. 

NFT Gaming Solutions. NFT Music and Audio Streaming. NFT Movie and Video Streaming. 

ORE-System’s Fully Functional, Integrated NFT Marketplace ORE Forge is available NOW!

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Unlock Your Project's Potential

Good. Fast. Cheap. In business you only get to choose two.

ORE System has created a battle tested development and deployment process that reduces time, ensures speed to market, and increases the Return on Investment (ROI).


In-game NFTs

GameFi is the newest and hottest NFT market today. 

Using NFTs for use in video games, virtual reality games, augmented reality games, and the future MetaVerse provides a way for content ownership and integrated licensing.

ORE System’s integrated NFT-Based Licensing and Digital Rights Management (DRM) allows businesses to build robust economies around their games. GameFi will continue to boom into the future, with expected growth of over $74 Billion dollars by 2031.


NFT Game Distribution Client

Whitelabeled NFT Game Distribution clients are the future!

NFT games need a home and a way to get to their users. 

ORE System’s Stealth Game Launcher provides a way for Game Publishers to create a single marketplace for their catalog. 

Game Developers and Creators can simplify the management and distribution of their games in a unified platform supporting updates, messaging, change logs, and more.

MetaMask and WalletConnect integrated and Multi-Chain Support.


ORE Stealth Demo Available

ORE System’s Stealth NFT Game Distribution Client is available FREE!

Test drive the ORE NFT Gaming client now by downloading HERE.

The ORE Forge NFT Marketplace offers a variety of NFT Game Licenses, In-game items, and more.


OsirisProtocol Available

ORE System’s Proof of Concept NFT Game is Available Now!

OsirisProtocol is a Multiplayer First Person Shooter game that was developed to showcase what the power of NFTs and Gaming can achieve.

For more information about OsirisProtocol click HERE.


NFT Marketplace

The gateway between your users and your NFTs is the marketplace. Building a dynamic, REACT Native application allows ORE System to offer highly scalable and supported NFT Marketplaces.

From something simple and clean to a more dynamic feel ORE System can create the perfect custom NFT Marketplace that fits your business or your project.


Music & Audio

Music and Audio streaming have been around since the MP3 Player. 

Using NFTs for Digital Rights Management and Licensing is bleeding edge. NFTs can represent not only the artwork and imagery but can also be the vessel to provide high-quality music.

Integrating the NFT rarity and secondary sales markets into a Musicians revenue stream provides new avenues for income and can ensure they earn royalties for every transaction.


Movie & Video

Movies and Video streaming provide new ways for Production Studios, Filmmakers, and Independents each with the ability to create their own revenue terms and ownership of the distribution channel.

NFT crowdfunding for new movies, creating a new series, or distributing your learning content can be integrated into your Whitelabeled Custom NFT Streaming platform.


Payment Gateway

ORE System’s Custom NFT Marketplaces allow for PayPal NFT Payments.

The future of ORE’s Payment Gateway service will include the ability to import and add your Token, more payment gateway providers, and further application and platform support.



Analytics and Metrics are key to forcasting and tracking your NFT business. 

ORE System’s Administrative interface gives your business full access to all actions and activities of your users. These key metrics allow your business to be more profitable and responsive.

ORE System’s integrated analytics dashboard is available to ALL Custom NFT Marketplaces.


User Management

Managing your NFT Marketplace is key to the success of your community!

ORE System’s integrated administration portal provides your business with key user controls. Verified accounts, add/remove users, blacklist wallet addresses, and more from one simple user interface.

User counts and metrics can allow you to be highly reactive to your community and your premier users.


Sales Dashboard

Understanding your investment and sales analytics is the foundation for business success.

Create trackable sales projections, track user activity, filter to specific users or wallets and understand the intimate details of your community.

ORE System’s integrated Sales Dashboard provides a single pane of glass for all of your marketplace’s activities.

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