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Custom blockchain development

ORE System blockchain development company helps businesses plan, build, and implement applications, assets, and functions

We help partners select the most appropriate blockchain technology from a range of industry leaders, including BitShares, EOS, Hyperledger, and Ethereum.

Information exchange authorization

Automatically authorize information exchanges, and immutably record them.

Smart contracts and time-locked wallets

Expose only the data you want to share to the parties you want to share it with.

Secure identity verification

Automate identification and permissions across decentralized networks.

Secure distributed storage

Store digital assets securely and access them rapidly, with verifiable chains of action and access.

Cross-border business finances

Send and receive payments and transfers across currency and national borders with ease at low cost.

Cyber attack prevention

Encrypted, distributed blockchain technology makes conventional hacks impossible and prevents honeypot attacks.

Compliance with GDPR and SOX

Secure chains of custody for sensitive data and verifiable SOX-compliant executive actions.

Blockchain Features

The main features of blockchain technology can be summarized as follows:


Instead of relying on a single trusted entity, trust is spread across multiple or all participants, depending on the agreed-upon consensus algorithm [10]. This does not only mean that multiple copies of a data item are stored on all nodes, but also that the integrity of the data is governed by many decentralized parties.


Once data is committed to the blockchain and a sufficient number of participants have agreed on this state, the information is stored permanently and immutably. Changing the information contained in a particular block would require to also change all the following blocks up to the last block, which is considered to be infeasible.


The block rate, comprised of the throughput and propagation time of information, depends on the consensus algorithm and the number of participants. This can be a limiting factor for applications that require high throughput [10]. Since all nodes hold a copy of the blockchain, scalability issues also arise in terms of the total amount of data that can be stored. Furthermore, in order to check the integrity of the blockchain, a new node needs to download a copy and validate the integrity of the entire chain. Note that more recent proposals for BFT-based consensus algorithms improved on this.

Limited privacy

All data in the blockchain is publicly visible to all participants. Private or permissioned blockchains limit the range of disclosure. However, they do not cryptographically protect the data. In order to achieve privacy, additional layers, such as zero-knowledge proofs or a commitment scheme are required.

Our process

Successful custom blockchain projects require unique skills and procedures. We use carefully-designed blockchain development processes combined with Agile approaches to bring your project to fruition exactly the way your business requires.

ORE System’s in-house team of managers, researchers, architects, developers, quality assurance specialists, and other professionals will initiate, design, plan, and deliver a custom blockchain solution in the following stages:

To date, no other distributed ledger technology framework enjoys the breadth of adoption by Cloud Service Providers such as AWS, Azure, IBM Google, Alibaba, and Oracle, than Hyperledger Fabric.

Blockchain technology has moved beyond the hype and there exist hundreds of networks in production today. Many of the production blockchain solutions in production today are built with Hyperledger Fabric. Take a look at a list of tools and solutions built with Hyperledger Fabric.

Research & planning

The research phase can be even longer than the dev phase as we need to make sure we accurately identified your issues and requirements and designed a way to meet them perfectly.


Strong Agile processes are the core of this stage. Feel free to attend daily stand-ups and weekly team meetings, track project progress on 24/7 basis, and receive regular reports to see how your solution is evolving.


As your company grows and evolves, your blockchain solution needs to keep pace with it. That’s why we provide ongoing support, as well as new features, improvements, and upgrades to existing functionality.

Ready to get started?

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