The #1 whitelabel social media platform for brands, people and discussions.

Create a private or public social network for your
community with your own features, branding and


Features to empower your community, your way.

Break free from Facebook groups and artificial limitations.

Community Dashboard

Create a custom dashboard to give members a quick view of recent community activities, interactions, and more.


Members can upload avatars, edit profiles and view other members’ profiles.

Friends & Followers

Members can view, follow and friend each other.


Members can share videos, pictures, links, and docs on their profiles and groups with custom privacy settings.

Comments & Likes

Members can engage with each other’s posts with features including @mentions, pictures, gifs, and more.

Direct Messages

Members can send private messages to one member or a group of members. Enable messages from everyone or friends only.


Members can tag each other using @mentions to engage their friends to join the conversions.

Activity Feeds

The activity feed can feature all site content, specific content types, or even be personalized dynamically with recent posts from friends, people you are following, groups, or forums you are part of, including only content that is relevant to each member.

Social Search

Members can use search to discover public posts, posts by friends, posts from their groups, and find member profiles.

Site Notifications

Notifications can be configured by members to include @mentions, messages, friend requests, and much more.

Email Notifications

Send personalized and targeted email notifications with your company email address and branding.


Upload your own language files and translate your app into any language, including support for RTL languages.


Add members to public, private, or hidden groups. Allow members to create groups and invite friends. Live stream virtual classes, meetings, and events inside your groups.

Job Boards - Coming Soon

Allow members to post jobs and find candidates or submit resumes and apply for jobs.

Online Store

Add an online store with our E-Commerce integration to sell merchandise and other physical or digital products to your members.