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ORE System’s Blockchain and Smart Contract services provide expertise and specialists to drive the success of your project. Providing Smart Contract Development, NFT Marketplaces, Social Community platforms, and Smart Contract NOC services.


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Build your community the way you want.

ORE System’s Whitelabel Social Media platform brings together all the favorite features of the big tech versions including Groups, Profiles, Chat, Social Activity Feeds, and More. With ORE System’s Bubble Platform there is no Big Tech AI, no over-reach, just simplicity, and community.

ORE’s Bubble Platform has over a dozen add-on and extension features available to extend your communities growth. Event Management and Ticketing, NFT and Crypto, and small community/small business bundles provide a customizable way to fit your project’s specific need.

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Smart. Fast. Simple.

ORE System’s Hosted NFT Marketplaces take all the code and complexity out of starting your NFT Project or integrating NFTs into your business. ZERO coding is required. 

Support for multimedia content and multiple user minting. Choose to accept the native blockchain token such as Ethereum, Polygon (MATIC), Binance Smart Chain (BNB), or your own custom crypto-token.

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Start Your Project On The Right Path

ORE System’s Smart Contract Development Services are far above the rest. Designed with security in place from the first line of code to the last there is no comparison to other development organizations. ORE System integrates over 20 years of cyber security experience through the leadership of its CTO.

ORE System’s US Based Special Forces Veteran leadership team and Professional Project Management team provide white glove service for your project’s needs.

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OpenZeppelin Defender INCLUDED!

With Openzeppelin Defender ORE System integrates the easiest most trusted management platform while removing all the technical requirements and know-how.

ORE Smart Contract NOC Services provide 24/7/365 Monitoring and Alerting. Change management through OpenZeppelin Defender’s User Interface.

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Blockchain Projects in a Box

ORE System Provides the before, during, and after support tools and products for every Blockchain project today!

With speed to market as the key to success, ORE System reduces your expenditures and increases your ROI.

Professional Project Management

Professional, US-based, Veteran-owned development and blockchain solutions organization. Dedicated project management and engineering team on every project.

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Save Time

Tried, trusted, and tested toolsets that get your project to market +50% faster.

Powered By ORE Products can be deployed and live as fast as 24 hours!

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User Friendly

ORE SC NOC Services provides easy onboarding and even simpler management of your Smart Contracts after deployment. Weekly and monthly reports, change management, and 24/7 alerting.

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Essentials for every project.

ORE System Provides The Essential Technologies Every Project Strives To Bring To Your Community.

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